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// -----------------------------------------------
// mapedit.h
// -----------------------------------------------
// Built-in map editor (totally l33t!)
// ----------------------------------------------- 
// By Kronoman - July 2003 - December 2003
// In loving memory of my father
// -----------------------------------------------

#ifndef MAPEDIT_H
#define MAPEDIT_H

#include <allegro.h>

#include "tmap.h" // tile map class
#include "gerror.h" // to show any error that may arise 
#include "misc_def.h"
#include "mytracer.h"
#include "backgbmp.h"

class CMapEditor
            void start_map_editor();
            void map_editor_help_message();
            void redraw_the_tile_map(int layer, bool grid);
            void do_change_mouse_cursor();
            void kprint(char *msg); // helper for printing messages on screen

            int tx, ty; // current scroll in the map
            int ts; // current tile selected from the tile set (1..255)
            int tl; // current layer of map selected 0..MAP_LAYERS-1 (MAP_LAYERS in tmap.h)
            bool draw_grid; // draw grid?
            CTMap game_map; // game map
            CBackground background; // backgrounds availables
            // two bitmaps for internal use
            BITMAP *dbuffer; // doble buffer
            BITMAP *mcursor; // mouse cursor

            // helper function for text print
            int ykprint, ckprint;
            // debugger
            CMyTracer mtracer;


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