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// -----------------------------------------------
// gamemenu.h
// -----------------------------------------------
// This has the menu of the Kball game
// ----------------------------------------------- 
// Developed By Kronoman - Copyright (c) 2004
// In loving memory of my father
// -----------------------------------------------

#ifndef GAMEMENU_H
#define GAMEMENU_H

#include <allegro.h>

#include <time.h> // for showing time, and also, for a little surprise ;P

#include "cwdata.h" // datafile wrapper
#include "qmenu.h" // menu system
#include "gkernel.h" // main game loop 
#include "mapedit.h" // built in map editor -:^D
#include "gerror.h" // error reporting
#include "partmang.h" // particle manager, for nice particle effects of background
#include "particle.h" // many particle types
#include "mytracer.h" // this shit keeps crashing, I need to debug it... dammit!
#include "sound.h" //  sound system

class CGameMenu
            void do_main_menu();
            void do_file_level_selector();
            void do_options_menu();
            void do_about_stuff();
            BITMAP *menu_back; // doble buffer bitmap for menu
            CWDatafile menu_datafile; // datafile for menu data
            CMapEditor map_editor; // amazing map editor(r)(c)(tm)
            CMyTracer mtracer; // tracer for debug log
            CGameKernel game_kernel; // Game kernel :^O
            CSoundWrapper soundw; // sound system

      void do_main_menu();
      void do_file_level_selector();

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