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// -----------------------------------------------
// Sound System
// By Kronoman
// Copyright (c) 2004, Kronoman
// In loving memory of my father
// -----------------------------------------------
// sound.h
// -----------------------------------------------
// This system wraps around Allegro and DUMB,
// so I can use the high level sound routines,
// global adjust volume, disable volume, etc
// -----------------------------------------------
#ifndef _KRONO_SOUND_H
#define _KRONO_SOUND_H

#include <allegro.h> // Allegro : http://alleg.sf.net/
#include <aldumb.h>  // DUMB : http://dumb.sf.net/

00019 class CSoundWrapper
            // digital samples
            int play_sample(const SAMPLE *spl, int vol, int pan, int freq, int loop); // digital sample playing
            void set_volume_d(int v); // volume digital
            int get_volume_d();
            // music
            void music_load(DUH *dat); // call this before playing, dat should be a pointer to a music object of a datafile
            void music_start(); // start playing
            void music_pause(); // pause playback
            void music_resume(); // pause playback
            void music_poll(); // _must_ be called at regular intervals to hear the music
            void music_stop(); // stop playing
            void set_volume_m(int v); // volume music
            int get_volume_m();

            // for all the object
            void set_enabled(bool s);
            bool is_enabled();
            // for all the class
            static void global_set_volume(int v);
            static int global_get_volume();
            static void global_set_enabled(bool s);
            static bool global_is_enabled();
      // for this object
            bool enabled; // enable this object player (if false, nothing will be played)
            int volume_d; // volume, 0 to 255
            int volume_m; // volume music, 0 to 255

      // for all the class
            static bool global_enabled; // enables the sound system ?
            static int global_volume; // global volume, 0 to 255

            DUH *duh;
            AL_DUH_PLAYER *dp;


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